When Men and Mountains Meet
Big Love | Season 5 | Episode 10

When Men and Mountains Meet

TV-MA | 1 HR 3 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer
Directed by Dan Attias

Barb escorts Bill out of jail into the waiting arms of Nicki and Marge. Their reunion is shortlived; the family is immediately besieged by news reporters. Bill tells the media he intends to fight the charges: two counts of statutory rape. Barb urges Nicki to keep it together while the cameras are trained on them.

The family sits in the kitchen watching the news footage. Adaleen protests Alby's imprisonment and a corrupt system that allows Bill to go free while Alby remains behind bars.

Barb visits with her church bishop to discuss her upcoming baptism. The bishop worries that what should be a joyous family event will only end up disrupting Barb's marriage. Barb assures her that while the fit isn't perfect, she knows it's the church for her.

Bill confronts Margene about the passport he found hidden in her cupboards. She confesses that at one time she thought of volunteering on a medical ship, having learned from Goji that there's a wider world out there. But while she still wants to meet new people some day and share what's in her heart, Bill is her anchor.

At dinner, the kids wonder about their plans for Easter. With Barb still estranged from the church, she and Bill change the subject. Barb brings up the condition of her car; Bill lets Cara Lynn know that because of ongoing legal issues, her adoption has been delayed. Nicki tries to apologize to Cara Lynn, but her daughter is unmoved. Later, Cara Lynn accuses Nicki of trying to manipulate her with a public apology, but Nicki tells her that she would do anything to protect her and is truly sorry for the terrible things she said. Cara Lynn reveals she's been thinking of going back to her other family.

Bill updates Lois about the trial and she reminds him to hold his head high. Sensing her depression, he tries to cheer her up by reminiscing about Easters past and she recalls the fancy Easter hats she used to wear.

Bill invites reporters from three major papers to sit down with him and his wives to discuss the charges against him. He explains that the two counts of statutory rape are based on the fact that Margene has borne him two children, that there was no abuse. The four explain that their insistence on using the phrase "Mormon polygamists" is what incensed the church, to the extent that a bishop breached the confidentiality between himself and his ward member to bring Margene's story to light. The family informs the reporters that the situation has only made them stronger.

Ben goes to BYU to see Heather and hands her a gift: He's had a star named after her. Heather dismisses the gesture and tells him she should have anticipated he would cheat: He's a polygamist. Ben tries to defend the Principle, but Heather walks off.

Bill tells Barn he needs to finish decertifying Juniper Creek, but Barn advises him to slink off into the sunset; no one cares about Juniper Creek. Bill threatens a hunger strike if he can't get a hearing room.

Nicki accuses Marge of being selfish for even considering "a cruise down the coast." She assures Margene there's no reason to continue beating herself up because what happened was her fault.

Bill updates Barb on the D.A.'s offer – 1 to 2 years for a guilty plea to statutory rape. Bill and Lee reject the offer since they refuse to change the charge to polygamy instead of rape. When he learns Barb won't be at Easter services because she's being baptized, he packs his things and heads to Nicki's.

Barb spots Nicki and Marge at Nicki's and worries that Nicki is usurping her role. Nicki speculates that things are over between Barb and Bill now that he's moved out, but Barb insists they're just at an impasse. The two argue and Nicki grumbles upon how they've both deserted her: Barb for her new church and Margene to play "Margene without borders." Barb brings up the issue of her battered car again, and Nicki tells her it's a piece of junk not worth repair.

Bill brings two bonnets for Lois to try on. In the mirror, Lois is unable to recognize herself and breaks down in tears. Stopping in at Home Plus, Bill finds Don watching old commercials for the store, weeping.

Barb drives up in her new convertible, having traded in her old station wagon, and credits Nicki for giving her the idea to do so. Barb takes her two sister wives for a drive with the top down. Margene suggests they pick up Bill and keep going.

Back at home, Bill is unhappy to see Barb's new car and reminds her that the family station was his gift to her on their ninth anniversary. "You threw us away without so much as a second thought," he reproaches. Margene stops him from storming out, and Bill stuns them all by telling them they've lost Home Plus. Between the protests, the arrest, and the banks calling in their loans, they'd have to sell the houses to keep the stores. Bill tells the women they might be going down, but it'll be in flames, come his session tomorrow.

Nicki and Bill discuss Margene while lying in bed. Bill asks Nicki to support Margie's decision if she chooses to leave – "everyone has a choice," he tells her. He wakes Cara Lynn in the morning and tells her that the family doesn't solve problems by avoiding them.

In a foul temper at the shelter, Nicki admits to Barb she doesn't want them to leave her. "I don't have one ounce of milk of human kindness in me," she acknowledges. Barb doesn't argue but holds Nicki to comfort her.

A crowd convenes for Bill's hearings, and Barn admits it was a hotter ticket than he anticipated. Bill explains he originally thought decertification of Juniper Creek was the answer, and then stuns the room by offering an amendment to legalize polygamy. Barn tries to restore order and chooses to ignore the supporting comments Barb and Nicki chime in from the gallery, but Bill insists that a debate take place.

The family prepares for Easter Sunday as Barb heads out for her church. Nicki confronts Cara Lynn and tells her she understands what happened between her and Greg; she was once confused about love herself.

Bill is astonished to see a crowd of compound and suburban polygamists flooding the streets outside the church of Bill. Don tells them they've been arriving since early morning.

As Barb enters the baptismal pool, she suddenly changes her mind. "If my family can't be here, I can't be here," she admits before apologizing and leaving. She arrives just as Bill is beginning his sermon and takes her place with her family. Bill addresses his congregation, visualizing the generations of polygamists before him -- including Emma Smith.

At home, Barb reveals she didn't go through with her baptism. Ben asks his father about what happened in Church. Don estimates that nearly 500 people attended. Bill suggests they sell their stake in the casino to give them seed money to start afresh. Barb reminds Bill to fetch Lois at the home so they can have Easter dinner.

Beside a nightstand littered with a syringe and spent medicine bottle, Frank holds Lois in bed and speaks to her tenderly about the early days of their marriage, as she slips away.
Carl approaches Bill as he prepares to go get Lois. Shots are heard from the kitchen and the three wives run out to find Bill on the ground, shot in the chest. Fading in and out, Bill asks Barb for a blessing, and Barb tells him that Heavenly Father knows what's in his heart.

Eleven months later, the family gathers to celebrate the christening of Sarah's son, who carries his grandfather's name. Sarah thanks her mother for the blessing and teases her she never thought she'd see her standing up on the dais. Barb credits Bill for making it possible.

Nicki chastises Margene for not being in touch more often during her travels and tells her Barb gets worried. Margene regrets that Bill isn't there to see them all together. At his place at the head of the table, Bill's ghost takes it all in.