(Season Five Premiere) In the aftermath of his election, Bill faces an uphill battle to win over his constituents and employees, while his family copes with psychological and physical traumas close to home.
Bill stages a "safety net" meeting for polygamist leaders; Barb seeks common ground with her mother Nancy.
The Henricksons try to put on a unified face during Christmas, but the family is tested amidst numbing revelations from Barb, Marge and Adaleen.
Bill fights for his right to be sworn in as Senator; Barb, Nicki and Margene struggle with personal revelations.
Bill makes one deal and rejects another; Nicki is accused of mixed motives; Barb considers a dramatic life change.
Bill refuses to give in to Barb’s vision of the church; Nicki chafes at the status quo; Margene looks to rally the children of polygamy.
Bill eyes a wedding as a chance to reseal his commitment to his wives; Alby makes a game-changing power play.
Barb is pulled into the firestorm surrounding Bill and Margene; Nicki is flummoxed by a revelation about Cara Lynn.
Bill fights for his family and his freedom; Alby looks to settle unfinished business; Nicki plans a new future for Cara Lynn.
In the Series Finale, the Henricksons brace for an uncertain future, with or without Bill.