In the Season Two premiere, Bill scrambles in the wake of the family’s exposure; Barb retreats into her own world; Roman puts the squeeze on Joey; Sarah has a suitor.
Roman Grant in leather chair
A crisis leads Bill to rethink Home Plus's ad strategy; the family forgets Nicki's anniversary.
Nicolette Grant embraces Wanda with concerned look
Bill tries to leverage a council vote against Roman; Barb chastens Margene for her relationship with Ben, who considers a lifestyle change.
Rhonda Volmer and woman sitting outside
Bill eyes a new polygamy-friendly business; Rhonda complicates Nicki’s involvement in Joey’s case.
"Nicolette Grant, social worker and Rhonda Volmer"
Bill meets a romantic prospect, as does Joey; Nicki frets over Wayne’s school lessons; Bill turns to Eddie for a loan.
Wayne Henrickson in angel costume with Nicolette Henrickson
Margene befriends Bill’s potential fourth wife; a dangerous polygamist family accuses Bill of poaching.
Bill Henrickson and Barbara looking up outside house
Margene's mother visits the Henricksons; Roman's polygamist rivals force Bill to play a dangerous game.
Frank Harlow holds paper clip with two hands
Bill proposes a 'seventh day off' schedule to his wives, and cons Roman into retaliating against the Greenes.
Bill Henrickson sitting at office desk
Margene finds herself wielding a swing vote; Rhonda stays in the spotlight; Lois reaches out to Bill.
Lois Henrickson and Bill Henrickson speak by grey car
Margene joins Bill at a convention; Nicki throws a party; Roman returns home; Rhonda resorts to blackmail.
Nicolette Grant close-up outside night
Bill attempts to barter with Alby; Barb reaches out to her mother; Pam makes Margene a proposition.
Bill Henrickson and Barbara Henrickson by wedding cake
In the Season Two finale, the Henricksons are rocked by an unexpected guest on the eve of Pioneer Week.
Nicolette Grant porch American flag