Kingdom Come
Big Love (LWM) | Season 2 | Episode 8

Kingdom Come

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Dustin Lance Black
Directed by Daniel Attias

The morning starts off badly for Bill. Having stayed up late to work on the Weber papers, he wakes in the basement to find all three of his wives glaring at him. Nicki is especially offended: "It was my night. I made stuffed cabbage."

At the office, Bill is barraged with details that require his attention. And Don is still worried about Bill's continuing involvement with the Greens. Rather than heed Roman's ban, Bill has been slipping them details about vulnerable Juniper Creek investments. Convinced success is at hand, Bill wants to stay the course: "We are this close to the promised land." The discussion is interrupted when Nicki calls, concerned that Bill missed another night with her. He tells her not to read into it, but she's not appeased.

Lois discovers Frank in her home-peas in one hand, can opener in the other. When she checks her cupboard, she discovers a pile of empty cans; Frank has already stolen her stash. Furthermore, he wants in on the action.

Feeling stretched thin at work, Bill gathers his wives and proposes a night to himself, "each seventh night to rest." Afterwards, Nicki whispers to Margie that Barb has been driving Bill too hard. But when Barb comes in complaining as well, Nicki searches for deeper causes. Barb attributes his fatigue to a punishing work schedule, but Margie excuses herself without contributing an opinion. Nicki changes tactics, saying it must be Margie exhausting Bill.

Bishop Devry of the old ward visits Barb and suggests that she and Bill sit down with their son. When Margie walks in, Barb quickly introduces her as a neighbor, but Devry's suspicions are aroused. Barb assures him that her family is fine, "We all have our challenges," she says.

Eddie visits the Laundromat- now open for business- and Lois tells him Frank needs to be cut in. Eddie quickly straightens his sister out: she's had her share, and he's out of money at the moment having invested it with Bill. Worried about meeting the Laundromat's overhead, Lois demands Eddie help her and reclaim his money from Bill. But Eddie is adamant: "I'm sorry Frank took your stash. But you married beneath you...and we've been paying for it ever since."

Bill and Barb confront Ben about the Bishop's surprise visit. When Bill learns that his son has been having sex, he's gravely disappointed, "That's your temple, son." Forbidding Ben from seeing Brynn, Bill also chastises him for going out of the home for help. Having not been allowed to get a word in edgewise, Ben argues, "You don't even listen to me. You don't care about what I think," and earns himself a grounding. Encountering Sarah in the hall, Bill realizes she knew her brother was sexually active, and reprimands: "You and I will sit down for a talk." Feeling just as abandoned as her brother, Sarah points out, "I'm always right here, Dad." Heading to the bathroom, she discovers her mother in tears.

Discussing Ben, Margie confesses to Nicki that she too lost her virginity at 16. "That's hardly a secret," snaps Nicki...The two argue; Nicki believes sex is for procreation, not recreation. When Margie asks Nicki if she and Bill are having problems, Nicki retorts defensively that Bill must be too stressed to have anything "meaningful" with anyone else.

Looking for alternatives, Lois turns to Bill for cash, inflating the amount Frank stole. When Bill suggests she file a police report, Lois reveals she can't- Eddie's $1.2 million fortune came from a swindled cancer patient. Lois underscores she understood the woman to be dead when she took her cut, but Bill is furious. Leaving an angry message for his uncle, he refuses to bail out his mother when she insists he scale back his business to save hers. Stung by her second refusal, she vows, "I will not let the men in my life conspire to take this away from me."

That night, as their mood grows intimate, Barb slows things down to talk. Hurt by Bill's need to take a regular break, she says, "You should let something else go, not your wives." When Bill responds, "I need to bring home the bacon and bacon and bacon," Barb is incensed he feels overstretched by a life he initiated. She storms out of the bedroom. Left alone, Bill then heads to Margie's. Spotting them from her house, Nicki is completely scandalized when she witnesses Bill and Margie engaging in oral sex.

Lois tries to initiate some romance of her own on the compound. "I'll let you come in the back door," she says suggestively to Frank, in an effort to get her cash back. Ridiculing the offer, Frank informs Lois her "old caboose" isn't worth $22,000. Resigned, Lois spills the beans - Bill has all the money.

Once Bill leaves Margie's the next morning, Nicki pounces. Advising her to keep her curtains closed, she accuses Margie of forcing Bill into "depraved" activity. When Barb walks in, Margie turns to her for support. Instead, Barb is annoyed she didn't refuse Bill's advances. Barb tells them they need to maintain a united front if they're to win the battle against Bill's night off.

On the phone with Hollis, Bill suggests he look into Roman's irrigation pipe business. Margie calls in to let Bill know they've been instructed to give him the cold shoulder. And then, to his obvious discomfort, she asks him why he doesn't please Nicki. "She says she doesn't want it, but she does!" insists Margie.

Frank barges into Home Plus and tells Bill that Lois "sang like a canary." As he blackmails his son about keeping quiet about Eddie's money, Frank suggests Bill consider it a turning point in their relationship. A disgusted Bill has security evict Frank. Don fears Frank has put the pieces together - the gaming company Bill bought and the one that Roman pursued are one and the same. At last, Bill concludes it's time to sever his ties with the Greens.

Bill tells Roman that the Greens have approached him, eager to exploit their rift. He mentions the irrigation company will be their next target, and Roman promises to handle it.

At home, Bill confronts Barb, "You can't turn my wives against me." Barb realizes Margie has blabbed. When Margie joins them, she tries to act cold towards Bill, but Barb tells her that Bill has already sold her out. Concerned about diminishing returns, Barb complains that she went from seven nights a week to "two and change." She refuses to lose any more. Margie points out that it would be inevitable with a fourth wife, a notion which stuns Barb. Unrelenting, Bill continues to insist on a scheduled night off, a demand that upsets Margie, who expected to be exempted. With all three wives glaring at him again, Bill seeks sanctuary in the basement. Barb forbids the others from visiting.

Beaten badly, Hollis calls out Bill for his betrayal. Threatening him with justice, the Greens demand Bill submit all his business interests within 24 hours. Stepping in, Don calls lawyer Lee Hatcher. When Eddie arrives at Home Plus, Bill tells him to leave Utah - he'll get his money back when the deal is done, but without interest.

In order to legitimize their having sex, Benny proposes to Brynn with a ring he's taken from Barb's jewelry box. But when Ben breaks the news to his parents, they refuse to offer their support, stressing that he is much too young to be partnered for life. "If I find someone else, there can be a second one, my second wife," he counters. Benny is sent to his room and an astonished Barbara blames Bill and his inattention. "This is not the life I want for him," she says.

Concluding that Bill is dissatisfied with her, Nicki sneaks to the basement and offers to leave Bill alone on their nights. "It'll be our secret. You don't have to take it out on Barb and Margie." Bill assures her that she deserves "everything Margie and Barb have," and removing her underwear, he heads under her skirt. Nicki swats him away, explaining face to face is what she likes. Anything else and he feels too far away.

Barb sits Brynn down. Blindsiding her entirely, Barb says, "Polygamy is a hard life, I think you deserve to know what I didn't...You really need to be on board." Meeting Brynn later, Benny tries to explain, dismissing his interest in the Principle as something he said to pacify his parents: "It just came out." Unsatisfied, Brynn hands the ring back to him. "You'll make some girls really happy one day," she says, kissing him goodbye.

Lee Hatcher enlists the help of the ATF, who raid the Greens. Hollis swears vengeance, but because the ATF discovered their weapons cache, Lee predicts they will be away for a while.

When Bill tries to reconcile with Barb, she has a better suggestion: take two nights off a month, but spend them with your children. Taking a heart-broken Ben into his confidence, Bill tells him that he's about to purchase a company that will let him live with his head raised (and that, for now, this is not to be shared with Barb). Rift repaired, Bill confers priesthood status onto his eldest son.

Lois rushes to the Laundromat, but she's too late: a For Lease sign is going up. In another part of the city, Hollis' henchwomen approach Roman and shoot him, as Adaleen and Alby rush to his side.