Til Death Do Us Part
Big Love | Season 5 | Episode 7

Til Death Do Us Part

TV-MA | 1 HR 0 MIN

Written by Aaron Allen
Directed by David Petrarca

Barb clips coupons in her house as the rest of the family returns from church. Nicki criticizes Margene for the blatant Goji signage at her children's rally and hints that Bill isn't happy either. When Bill enters with the marriage license for Nicki to sign, she wavers on which name to use – Henrickson or Grant? Bill agrees to let Nicki buy a new dress for her wedding day, but reminds her to be sensitive about hurt feelings. With that, Margie and Nicki express concern about the rift between Bill and Barb.

Greg reminds Cara Lynn they need to stick to the rules – only meeting up on their pre-arranged study days. Trying to get more time with him, she proposes she join him at the theater with his mother. Greg agrees when Cara Lynn suggests she bring a date herself.

Barb offers to pay for Nicki's wedding dress as a gift. Nicki pushes for a reception too, mentioning Bill is worried about the family's ability to move forward. Cara Lynn enters and Nicki scolds her for walking home alone and putting herself at risk.

Bill stops by Barb's looking for a suit. The two make awkward conversation – he assures her he is having Michael Sainte and Goji checked out. Barb surprises Bill with the news that Nicki wants a reception too, and that she's fine with the idea. The two kiss and then head upstairs.

Nicki tries in vain to reach Adaleen to tell her about the wedding. Cara Lynn tells Nicki Mr. Ivey has invited them to see 'Les Miz' and Nicki accepts.

Don and Bill find out that Alby is their new landlord. Bill makes plans to attend the upcoming UEB board meeting to reveal that Alby is misappropriating funds to finance his vendetta against Bill.

Don argues they should cash out – this and the Mormon boycott are too much to take.

Lois watches TV and eats chicken with Frank. When he falls and cries for her to get helps she remains unmoved.

Margene and Nicki get worked up when Nicki tries on her new dress.

Heather sits with her bishop to discuss her romantic situation – she has feelings for someone whose family practices polygamy. Understanding that she's talking about the Henricksons, he encourages her to unburden herself.

Ben wakes up at Rhonda's. Rummaging through the freezing house, he asks her why Verlan isn't around to help take care of her. Rhonda assures him that Verlan will take care of things and be her manager when she resurrects her singing career.

Bill convenes a special meeting with his wives. He tells them of his plans to go to Juniper Creek to discuss the building purchase with Alby; Nicki is concerned that no one is picking up the phones. Bill also brings up the idea of a resealing at the wedding. Nicki immediately says no since it's her special day. Barb refuses—she won't be sealed by a church she doesn't agree with. Bill and Barb continue their conversation alone, and she brings up her compromise: She will get ordained online so that she can officiate the wedding and conduct the ceremony in private. Bill is insulted that Barb would turn to a paper church for a solution.

Ben returns to Rhonda's with groceries, and encourages her to find somewhere else to work. She insists she likes her job and is careful not to let anyone take advantage. Ben tells her what happened between them can't happen again: They're just friends.

En route to meet Mr. Ivey, Nicki confides to Cara Lynn she thinks Greg has a crush on her, hence the interest and this invitation. Cara Lynn doesn't correct her mother, who invites Greg to her wedding.

Margene convenes her Goji team. Carl interrupts while the women are reporting their sales and insists that Pam leave. Margie interjects and says that Pam can make her own choices. Carl tells Margie to stay out, and that Pam is putting the family in deep debt with her involvement in Goji. Emboldened, Pam stands up to her husband and tells him to butt out – and to get a job.

Nicki is annoyed that Barb didn't check with her first about officiating the ceremony. As she and Bill drive into Juniper Creek, they see the compound children destroying electronics. In the meeting, Bill appeals to the UEB to stop Alby and overturn the sale of the building. Alby counters that it's Bill's involvement in Safety Net that has broken up families, and a fellow board member whose daughter has fled the compound tells Bill he'll burn in hell for it.

Nicki goes to see Adaleen who explains that Alby wants their communication devices destroyed – the kids discovered "sexting" and the outside world is a terrible place anyway. When Adaleen refuses her daughter's wedding invitation, Nicki expresses concern she is losing her mother, Adaleen states: "We're on separate paths, Nicolette."

Bill arrives at Frank's to find his mother wrapping chicken bones and Frank in pain on the floor. Lois begs Bill not to call 911 – without Frank, she'll have no home.

Heather tells Ben she's broken up with her missionary – it's him she wants to date. Greg teaches Cara Lynn how to prepare a dessert he learned to make while on his mission in Estonia. The two tease each other about how worldly they are.

The moment Barb arrives at the hospital, Nicki accuses her of trying to control her wedding day. Barb explains she wants to be a part of the day by giving Nicki away to Bill. Lois spots Barb and tells her off too – she's the reason why Frank's other wives have left and everyone knows about her disease. "I'm glad my son divorced you," she says. Overwhelmed, Barb excuses herself.

Senator Barn tries to leave for the day, but a pair of police detectives delays him.

Bill tells Margie that he's worried about her and Goji. Assuming he's referring to the scene with Pam and Carl, Margie brings it up, and Bill agrees she's overstepped. But more importantly, he reveals that Goji is a money pit with no proven health benefits and you have to be at the top of the pyramid to make money. Defensive, Margie says the company has done a lot of good.

Barb has a tense confrontation with Lois at the hospital. As delicately as she can, Barb brings out brochures of residences for Lois to live while Frank convalesces. Furious, Lois has a tantrum and orders Barb to leave but Barb refuses. Later that night, Lois tries to force feed pills to Frank, but is stopped by Barb and a nurse.

That evening, Nicki worries about what still needs to be done for the big day. Marge brings up the idea of a resealing again – at 16 she had no idea of its significance. Nicki consents – so long as the only name on the cake is hers.

Bill gets the news from Alby – the rent is going up 25 percent. Fuming, Bill threatens to reveal Alby's homosexuality. Don wants to back off – he doesn't want to be in a holy war between the Grants and Henricksons. In Alby's office, Verlan is given money to slowly strip. When asked, Verlan admits to liking it.

Margene buttonholes Michael Sainte and asks him, "Is this worth it?" Sainte tries to allay her fears: Goji is about more than building a downline, "We're sharing prosperity." As for Bill's suspicions, he tells her that he's passed muster with legitimate outlets including the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.

The police watch news footage of Margene's rally, specifically how Barb stopped her from running away. Barb is approached again to consider the resealing, but she refuses.

Carl watches as cars pull up to the Henricksons. Margie helps Nicki get made up. Barb and Nicki share a hug. Margie wonders about Gary, but Cara Lynn tells Nicki he couldn't make it. Surprised to see her mother, Nicki gets Adaleen to walk her down the aisle. Barb officiates, adding her own words: "Our family will keep going, through anything. This family is ordained of God."

Lois hangs up on Frank when he calls telling her he needs her. Fetching something upstairs, Barb sees that the resealing is still taking place without her. Margie observes how comfortable Cara Lynn and Greg are. Heather's father calls instructing her to leave the party right away. As she searches for Ben, Barb answers a knock on the door. A pair of police officers ask her to come in for questioning about a statutory rape investigation. Bill watches as Barb is driven away.