The Special Relationship
Big Love | Season 5 | Episode 5

The Special Relationship

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Patricia Breen
Directed by David Petrarca

Bill gets a dressing down from Speaker Barn about his campaign for legitimacy becoming a distraction. Barn offers to table the impeachment bill and fast-track Safety Net, if Bill stops with the publicity. Later that day, Barn makes good on his promise.

Making it clear he knows about Verlan's gambling debts and a manslaughter charge, Alby asks the young man for help with special projects that require his expertise. The two share a charged moment.

Bill celebrates his newfound acceptance with Don and instructs him to start paying out dividends on Home Plus stock.

Barb begs Bill to find a replacement: The other interns hate her. Bill sits her down and tells her he's talked to their lawyer about adopting Cara Lynn. Since unmarried couples can't adopt, Barb will need to divorce him so he can marry Nicki. He insists that "it's just a word," but Barb needs time to consider.

Rhonda instructs Verlan to take whatever job Alby offers so long as it pays. When Nicki arrives home, she's startled to see Rhonda. Rhonda assures Nicki she's a changed person now, and that she's forgiven Nicki for what Roman did.

Margene charms a reporter from the Tribune with her earnest endorsement of polygamy. "I've found people who judge before they know are usually pretty frightened inside," she says.

During their victory supper together, Barb and Nicki are surprised to learn that Margene is giving interviews. Unable to do press himself, Bill throws his support with Margene, "the best ambassador plural marriage has right now." Barb advises her to be careful.

Lois sulks in her room, unhappy with her surroundings. Bill reminds her she can no longer live alone.

Fishing for an update about Cara Lynn's adoption, Nicki finds out that Barb will need to divorce Bill for it to happen and tries to suppress her excitement. Bill warns Nicki not to interfere with Barb's decision.

At her tutoring session with Greg, Cara Lynn learns he doesn't have a girlfriend – and that he's been saving himself for marriage. Margene pitches Goji Blast to her fellow polygamist wives, including women from Juniper Creek. To maximize sales, Pam lets them know that the product "promotes lustrous, more manageable hair" which elicits a positive reaction from the group.

Nicki defies Bill and approaches Barb about the adoption issue. Stressing that Cara Lynn needs to be protected, she uses Rhonda's return as an example of the danger she faces. Barb surprises Nicki by suggesting it's not just for Bill to make a decision… maybe the two of them are equally capable of holding the priesthood. Nicki reels at Barb's announcement and commands her to share her opinion with Bill right away. Bill leaves a session to hear Barb out and assumes her newfound belief is in retaliation to his asking for a divorce. Barb explains she feels she has a calling, one that would be wrong to deny.

Michael Sainte compliments Margene on how quickly she's built her downline – and notes that some of her reps are from Juniper Creek. He reminds her that as a predominantly LDS organization, things can be complicated.

Barb feels out of place at a gathering with her fellow interns. Bill's former intern Stuart tells her off for firing him, but Barb responds that it was exactly what he deserved. Back at home, Barb suggests to Bill it would be a good idea for him to host one of the mixers.

Ben tells Bill he knows about the divorce. Although Bill assures him it will have no affect on the family, Ben tells his father he's having a hard time reconciling his beliefs with his feelings.

Having secretly made arrangements with Frank, Lois has packed her things. When Bill finds her with suitcase in hand ready to go, she instructs him not to say anything to Frank about her condition but Bill heads him off when he pulls into the driveway. Frank drives off, unable to deal with the news of Lois' dementia. Lois berates Bill and snaps at Ben when she realizes she has been left behind.

Briefed by Ben about the divorce, Margene implores Barb to not let Nicki get her way. "It's a power grab pure and simple," she insists, as Cara Lynn overhears everything from the kitchen. Nicki accuses Barb and her radical ideas as the true threat to the family. When Margene isn't shocked by Barb's notions of equality, Nicki reminds them that Bill won't stand for them: For him, it's faith before family.

While ice fishing with his boys, Don is attacked.

Bill is called in to LDS headquarters and is asked to stop using the phrase "Mormon polygamists" – they do not recognize a connection between the words. Bill counters that it is his right to do so and refuses to bow to their threats. Bill turns to Barn for more information, and Barn suggests he agree to the deal, or else run the risk of his Safety Net legislation getting lost in committee.

Verlan reports back to Alby that he took care of Don Embry, and asks for his agreed upon fee. Verlan tries to leave once he's been paid, but Alby informs him he has moved Verlan into the house.

Nicki and Margene advise Bill to take the deal – "it's just a word" reminds Margene, but Bill isn't so sure. "Some things mean too much to yield," says Barb. Bill and Barb argue about the priesthood, but the moment is interrupted when Wayne announces that Lois won't leave her room.

Unable to get past the locked door, Bill removes the door from its hinges. Lois announces that she's on a hunger strike until she is returned home.

Bill rushes to the hospital to see Don. Although the police believe it was a random attack, Bill is suspicious.

Cara Lynn asks Nicki about the adoption and wonders what her motivations are. Since it's causing too many problems, Cara Lynn doesn't want to go through with it.
Nicki tells her not to worry about hurt feelings.

When Nicki finds out Barb hasn't given more thought to the divorce, she accuses her of being overprotective of her special relationship with Bill, and greedy for wanting the priesthood too.

Cara Lynn arrives on Greg's doorstep for comfort. Although Greg tells her it's inappropriate, he invites her in.

Bill returns to church headquarters and turns down their offer. "You're poking at a sleeping giant," warns Elder McCrackle.

At an intern mixer hosted by Bill, Barb gives Stuart his job back. Bill and Barb walk around the university campus, and he warns her they'll need to tighten belts – he's using Home Plus dividend money to fund the Safety Net shelters. They stop at a bench and reminisce about Bill's proposal to Barb – and she agrees to a divorce.