Prom Queen
Big Love | Season 3 | Episode 3

Prom Queen

TV-MA | 1 HR 0 MIN

Written by Eileen Myers
Directed by David Petrarca

Bill finds Rhonda at the Butt Hutt with Franky and convinces her to leave town, warning her that if she testifies in Roman's criminal case, his family will be called to impeach her character and she'll lose any chance at a civil case against Roman as well. Meanwhile, Kathy tells her twin sister Jodean that she, Joey and Wanda have to disappear for awhile now that Wanda's stirred up trouble with Alby. Joey is afraid for Kathy's safety if Roman finds out she's testifying. Wanda doesn't know about Kathy testifying, though, and doesn't want to go. Jodean reports that Frank is still missing. Meanwhile Lois is digging his grave while Frank watches, tied up in her back shed.

Ana confesses to Bill that she was seeing another man, Matt, while they were "off and on," and now that Matt's back in town, she's going to call it off with him for good. But when Matt comes by, he ends up seducing her one last time. As he's leaving, Bill and Barb come by, catching a guilty Ana. Furious, Bill cuts things off with her in a phone argument in front of the other wives.

A friend of Margene's mother arrives with news that Ginger died, having fallen down the stairs at her apartment complex. He gives a shell-shocked Margie her ashes. At a family service for Ginger, Margene can't really find anything nice to say. She cuts the sharing short, saying her mother was never there for her. Later, Margene throws herself into family chores, shoving her mother's ashes in the back of a closet.

Barb's mother (Nancy) shows up at the house (calling her daughter from the car outside) and reports that Cindy and Ted (Barb's sister and brother-in-law) have moved back to town - seven weeks ago - because Ted got a new Church calling. Nancy wants Barb and Cindy to make up, but she confesses she told Cindy about Bill's gambling company, and Cindy is now spearheading an anti-gaming effort by her Eagle Forum. "Call your sister," Nancy begs. Instead, Barb shows up unannounced at Cindy's Eagle Forum meeting, enraging her sister.

Sarah convinces Heather they should go to the prom after all and gets Ben and Franky to take them. When she tells Barb she's decided to go, her mother is thrilled, though surprised, at her daughter's change of heart. When Rhonda finds out Franky is taking Sarah to the prom, her reaction is less enthusiastic. Frantic to stay in town, when Bill takes her to the bus station, Rhonda offers to marry him. He drags her onto the bus.

Wanda flees to Nicki's house, certain that Joey and Kathy are plotting against her. Nicki coaches Wanda on fighting for The Principle. When Kathy and Joey manage to track Wanda down at the house, Bill takes Joey aside and urges him to give Wanda special attention during the transition period of taking on a second wife. Joey tells Bill that their sister Maggie was married against her will - that's why she committed suicide. Bill insists Wanda, Kathy and Joey stay at Nicki's rather than hole up in a motel (still unaware that Kathy is the fourth Jane Doe.)

Barb tracks Ana down and lets her have it for cheating on all of them with Matt. Ana demands to know why the double standard doesn't bother Barb, and Barb admits it can be frustrating. Ana apologizes - insisting she is most sorry for hurting Barb.

Bill goes to Ted to try and enlist his help in squashing Cindy's anti-gaming crusade. But the peacemaking doesn't go well when the two couples meet along with Nancy. Both Barb and Nancy ask Cindy to back off her crusade, but when Barb spots the family Grandfather clock (which she'd wanted) in Cindy's house, she throws a fit, driving her mother away. Cindy refuses to back down and Barb storms off. She tells Bill that her sister wives are better sisters to her than Cindy and then takes the opportunity to urge him to forgive Ana - because she really likes her.

At work, Nicki's boss Ray enlists her help going through files for the case against Roman. When Nicki discovers that Kathy is the last Jane Doe, she pretends to get a call about a family emergency and bolts home to confront Wanda, who swears she didn't know. Nicki tells Wanda she has to stop Kathy from testifying - and insists that no one can know Nicki was the one who found out the truth. But before that becomes an issue, Roman's defense team gets the Jane Doe names released to the public - Kathy's secret is out. Bill goes to Joey in a rage for putting his entire family at risk while Bill's been going to such lengths to distance himself from Roman's trial. Wanda, Kathy and Nicki interrupt the brothers; Wanda is furious at Joey. Kathy learns just how high the stakes now are: Rhonda is out - she's the only witness left.

Sarah and Heather descend the stairs in their prom gowns with Ben and Franky waiting as Bill and Barb snap pictures. Franky pulls out a flask in the limo. As they pull away, Rhonda reappears trying to block the way and running after them, much to Sarah's humiliation. At the prom, Franky is throwing up in the bathroom, leaving Sarah date-less for her photo. Ben insists on posing with her as a student heckles them for being "polygs."

Margene sees Wanda floating in the pool and she and Bill jump in to save her. "Do you love her more than me?" Wanda begs Joey. Wanda apologizes, telling the Henricksons that the pressure from Nicki to convince Kathy not to testify was too much. Nicki, outed, insists she only had concerns about their safety. Nicki insists the charges against her father are trumped up, but Kathy reveals the truth: She was forced to marry her first husband Ron (52) when she was just 15. Kathy begged Roman to not make her consummate the marriage, but he told her she had to be obedient. Wanda reveals that Nicki was also forced to marry "JJ" against her will when she was 15 - but Roman eventually unsealed her. Stunned, Bill asks why Nicki never told him, but Nicki insists it's not true.

Having fled to the DA's office, Nicki flips through the Juniper Creek binder, finds the page with photos of her as a child and tears it out. Her boss Ray finds her and his genuine concern for Nicki (regarding the faked family emergency) makes her cry. He comforts her as she sobs on his shoulder. Ray urges her to go home but Nicki insists she'd rather stay busy. He asks her to listen to his opening argument, and she does, enrapt, as he lays out Roman Grant's criminal exploitation of young girls.

Lois feeds Frank his last meal and they reminisce about old times before she puts the plastic bag over his head and chokes him as he fights back. The phone rings and Lois stops what she's doing to run and get it. It's Bill, calling to find out what really happened with Maggie's suicide. Lois, devastated, can't admit the truth out loud, but it's all the answer Bill needs. She hurries back to find Frank still struggling - and runs away.

Rhonda goes to see Roman in jail, demanding $100k to not testify. But he refuses to be blackmailed, insisting he still loves her. Intimidated, Rhonda ends up settling for "greater riches."

Bill confides to Barb that he realizes what Roman's done is evil and they have to stand up against him at any cost. He goes to Ana at 4 a.m. and admits he was jealous and asks her to be brave and leap with him. Meanwhile, as the sun rises the morning after the prom, Sarah confides to Ben that she's pregnant.