Years and Years Season 1 Episode 2 SeriesYears and Years Season 1 Episode 2 Series

Episode 2

Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Simon Cellan Jones

With the world still reeling from the events of Hong Sha, Edith returns home for good but harbors a secret about what really happened while she was abroad. Daniel tries to build a new life with Viktor despite the risks. Rosie and Edith are amazed by Viv Rook's power and passion at a political rally for her MP campaign. Celeste remains disturbed by Bethany's fascination with technology, but a series of urgent texts make Celeste and Stephen realize their entire life is about to come crashing down.

Years and Years
S1 Ep 2: Preview

As the world recovers from shocking events, the Lyons family faces a very modern nightmare.

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