Years and Years HBO Series ep 01Years and Years HBO Series ep 01

Episode 1

Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Simon Cellan Jones

Manchester, 2019. As politician Vivienne Rook causes a scandal on live TV, the Lyons family is brought together when their youngest sibling Rosie goes into labor. At her bedside, brothers Stephen and Daniel, and grandmother Muriel, wonder what life will be like for baby Lincoln. Fast-forwarding five years into the future, to the London of 2024, Stephen and his wife Celeste worry about their socially-withdrawn daughter, Bethany, who’s contemplating a major life choice. Back in Manchester, Daniel, who’s now married to his boyfriend Ralph, finds himself falling for a Ukrainian refugee, Viktor. As the Lyons come together for Muriel’s birthday, a call from their missing-in-action sister, Edith, brings extraordinary news that could change their lives forever.

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