The Lady and the Dale

1 Season | 4 Episodes | TV-14
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From Emmy-winning producers Mark and Jay Duplass (HBO’s Room 104) comes The Lady and the Dale, a documentary series exploring an audacious 1970s auto scam centered around a mysterious entrepreneur. 

Directed by Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker, the film traces the story of Elizabeth Carmichael, who rose to prominence when she released a fuel-efficient, three-wheeled vehicle during the 1970s gas crisis. As she wins over major carmakers and investors, a web of mystery unfolds regarding the car’s technology and Carmichael’s surprising past. A portrait of an extraordinary entrepreneur’s rise and eventual fall, the series explores a one-of-a-kind story of fraud, family, and identity. 

Mark and Jay Duplass executive produce, along with Mel Eslyn, through their production company Duplass Brothers Productions. Andre Gaines, Allen Bain, Nick Cammilleri, Alana Carithers, and Zackary Drucker also serve as executive producers.

Culture Closeup

Culture Closeup

Lawyer and transgender rights activist Chase Strangio speaks with The Lady and the Dale’s co-director Zackary Drucker and consulting producer Precious Brady-Davis about Liz Carmichael’s legacy – rectifying her maligned representation by the 1970’s media, her impact on today’s queer community, and expanding the narrative of transness.


Learn more about organizations dedicated to helping the transgender and nonbinary community.

Virtual Premiere with NewFest and GLAAD

Directors Zackary Drucker and Nick Cammilleri and executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass describe how they discovered Liz Carmichael’s story and brought it to life.

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