The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 (16)The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 (16)

Written by George Pelecanos
Directed by Tanya Hamilton

Rudy and Matty the Horse buy Lori away from C.C., who has a back-end agenda. Abby, Dave and Loretta warn Ashley about the dangers of her aggressive activism. Goldman shares his plans for cleaning up the Deuce with Alston. Larry Brown is reunited with a girl from his past. Vincent turns to his father for relationship advice. Candy puts the finishing touches on Red Hot in advance of its premiere.

Behind the Scenes
What It Takes to Bring The Deuce to Life

Episode writer Will Ralston and production designer Scott Dougan share insights from the set of “The Feminism Part.”

Episode 8
Inside the Episode

The cast and crew discuss Lori and C.C.’s relationship.

Episode 9
See What’s Coming Up

Red Hot premieres, Vincent and Abby deal with an unexpected loss, and Darlene comes clean. Check out a preview of Season 2 finale, “Inside the Pretend.”


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