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Candy?s Back

?She wants to express herself in her work. And why shouldn?t she?? Maggie Gyllenhaal describes how far Candy/Eileen has come and where she wants to go as a creative force.



The Height of Porn

?Performers began to be known by their names.? The cast and crew describe the political and social catalysts that fueled the 1977-1978 porn boom in America.


How Emily Meade Started a Conversation and Brought Change to Set

With an intimacy coordinator on The Deuce set, surprises are for the audience, not the actors.

Photography From Nan Goldin

Goldin visited the set of The Deuce to take pictures in her signature style.

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Season Two Premiere. Vincent gives Frankie an unexpected present; Candy looks to push the porn envelope.
Candy gets career advice; C.C. and Larry confront new realities; Vincent takes Abby on a nostalgic road trip.

Season 2 Episode 4

Ashley and Abby track down the identity of a young sex worker killed in a fire. Vincent witnesses the brutal side of Rudy's operation.

Season 2 Episode 9

Season Two Finale. Red Hot premieres; Vincent and Abby deal with an unexpected loss; Darlene comes clean.
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