The Principle Is All

Written by David Simon & Richard Price
Directed by James Franco

Putting the finishing touches on his new bar, Vincent is blindsided by the sudden appearance of an unexpected partner, causing Frankie to blow a gasket.

Rudy buys into a rival's plan to reconfigure The Deuce, hopefully with the support of an ambitious mayor.

Candy eyes an entrée into the filmmaking business; Abby languishes in her new job; Darlene works overtime to compensate Larry; C.C. tasks Lori to play the "long game"; Bobby pays a price for his recent stress at work. Big Mike, a menacing drifter, proves useful to Vincent as the Hi-Hat finally opens.

Margarita Levieva Sees Abby as The Deuce’s Alice in Wonderland

The actor discusses what attracted her to the role, and Abby’s openness to explore.

David Krumholtz Believes He Was Meant to Play Harvey Wasserman

The actor divulges what drew him to the role of porn director Harvey Wasserman and why Candy’s entry into his world might shake the status quo.


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