Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

Written by Tony Roche

Directed by Mark Mylod

The Roy family is in limbo after Logan’s stroke and subsequent coma. Logan’s third and current wife, Marcia, and the rest of the family rally by his side while doctors evaluate Logan’s health.

Kendall is desperate to assert himself as the rightful successor to Waystar, but his siblings share some of his father’s doubts about his capacity to lead, citing his indecisiveness and his past substance abuse. Kendall then learns that the company is in serious debt due to decisions Logan made — ones that he neglected to share — only adding to the pressure to alleviate concerns about Waystar’s financial health and leadership.

Roman wants to take the COO job, a position Logan offered him before suffering a stroke. He asks Greg to retrieve change of trust documents, which would grant Marcia a greater voting stake in the company, per Logan’s wishes. However, Shiv doesn’t want to sign the paperwork yet, so she instructs Greg not to pick up the documents. Greg sides with Shiv.

At the hospital, Shiv grows suspicious of Marcia’s motives. She’s concerned about the possibility of Logan’s blood relatives losing control of the company.

Shiv’s boyfriend Tom Wamsgans sheepishly asks Marcia if she thinks Logan would have given his blessing to propose if he were conscious. Tom moves forward with the proposal, and despite the uncomfortable timing, Shiv accepts.