Knock, Knock
Six Feet Under | Season 1 | Episode 13

Knock, Knock

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Directed by Alan Ball
Written by Alan Ball

David and the rest of the Fishers experience the control-freak side of Tracy Montrose Blaire when she envisions a "resplendent" funeral for her dearly departed Aunt Lilian. Brenda visits a remorseful Billy in the institution, then gets into an argument with Nate that has some serious repercussions. David is forced to take a stand at church when he and the other deacons are told that Father Jack has been presiding over same-sex marriages. Gabe reverts to some bad habits when he and Claire attend a party hosted by her sometime friend Parker. Ruth closes one door on Hiram, and opens another with Nikolai. And Rico celebrates his son's christening with a spirited reception at Fisher and Sons Funeral Home.