Sex And The CitySex And The City

S5 Ep 6: Critical Condition

Directed by Michael Patrick King
Written by Alexa Junge

"When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?" - Carrie

While out on the town with Stanford, Carrie runs into a woman who identifies herself as the person who went out with Aidan post-Carrie. The woman, Nina Katz, makes a scary face implying Carrie really did a number on Aidan.

Miranda is a sleepless cranky mess. Baby Brady won't stop screaming and crying, leaving mommy Miranda at her wits end. Charlotte's screaming problem comes in the form of her ex-mother-in-law Bunny who is fighting tooth and nail to get Charlotte out of the MacDougal apartment. Charlotte hires a fierce lawyer to get Bunny off her back.

Carrie anxiously reads the New York Times review of her new book. She gets a rave review but she's bothered by the writer's characterization of her having a life "where the men are disposable." She worries that Aidan might also feel that way. She wonders why we only believe the negative things people say about us.

Frustrated mama Miranda is saved by the kindness of a stranger - her neighbor - who brings her a special vibrating baby chair that works like magic. Even more magical is a surprise visit from Samantha who offers to baby-sit while Miranda takes her appointment with a top hairstylist. When the vibrating chair fails to keep Brady at bay, Samantha pulls out her brand-new vibrator, and Brady goes back to happy baby land.

Carrie is obsessing over the bad things Nina Katz might be saying and thinking about her. She meets with Steve and asks how Aidan is doing. Steve says he's fine now but that he was devastated and depressed for quite a while. Carrie runs into Nina again and defends her relationship and break-up behavior with Aidan. Right after she says it, Carrie realizes that the critic she was most afraid of - and the one whose opinion counts most - is herself.