Smith Jerrod

Smith Jerrod

Played by Jason Lewis

Samantha Jones always gets her man, and after a trip to Raw she knew that she had to take home her sexy waiter, Jerry Jerrod. After downing endless amounts of uncooked vegetables, she finally managed to bed him, starting a beautiful relationship between the two. 

Sam's passion for Jerry almost disappeared after she discovered that he was not only a waiter, but a struggling actor and a recovering alcoholic with an alliterative name. However, Sam managed to get over these skeletons in Jerry's closet and continue their blossoming relationship. 

After a change to the more Hollywood-esque name of "Smith," Mr. Jerrod's career took off. Samantha's PR (and Smith's exposed package) made his play "Full Moon" into a legitimate off-Broadway hit. His nearly naked frame began to grace advertisements for Absolut vodka, and he was cast in a film directed by Gus Van Sant. 

Smith and Samantha's future is still up in the air, but right now, it seems like a partnership made in heaven.

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