Project Greenlight: Season 4

Premiere episode of this documentary series that chronicles a contest that awards an unknown with a chance to make a movie.
Finalists are flown to L.A. for interviews, but in the end it's aspiring filmmaker Pete Jones who wins for his script 'Stolen Summer.
Film-contest winner Pete Jones faces budget troubles as he begins pre-production on his film 'Stolen Summer.
Miramax exec Jon Gordon is incensed when Ben Affleck goes over his head to resolve the film's money troubles.
Pete and his staff move their offices to Chicago with just 18 days to go before shooting begins. Meanwhile, he must find someone to play the role of Margaret.
Pete's first day on the set delivers results in thunderous El trains, inexperienced child actors and a reaming by his boss, Chris Moore.
Day Two of shooting becomes one of those days on a movie set when anything that can go wrong, does--and Chris Moore sees all of it.
A driving rain leads crew members to call Day Three one of the worst shooting days in their filmmaking lives.