Going Rogue
Project Greenlight (2001) | Season 4 | Episode 2

Going Rogue

TV-MA | 35 MIN

'Project Greenlight' winner Jason Mann heads to a meeting with producers Effie Brown and Marc Joubert. Jason pitches his idea of shooting on film; Effie breaks the news it's beyond their budget.

Writer Pete Jones arrives, unaware that Jason asked Matt and Ben to replace him. Jason communicates his objectives to Pete; he's not interested in making a broad comedy or a predictable film. "I want to fight movieness," Jason tells the baffled writer, who is concerned about the director's dramatic bent.

Effie takes Jason on a trip to digital production house Efilm to prove that film is not the only option. Jason challenges the colorist to make changes to the digital footage and is unimpressed with the results. He meets with Matt and Ben and continues to advocate for film. They believe in his vision, but maintain that it's HBO's decision. Jason leaves feeling empowered by their support.

Pete and Jason meet with Effie and Marc, and Pete makes a pitch -- instead of ‘Not Another Pretty Woman,' they should move forward with ‘The Leisure Class,' a short film that Jason has been expanding into a feature. Although Marc is initially against bringing in a new script, the group watches Jason's short and is persuaded. The story is a dark comedy about an outsider coming into an affluent world, a situation Jason feels personally connected to. Effie is convinced. ‘Not Another Pretty Woman' is racist and misogynist, Effie reasons, so she will pitch Jason's film to HBO. Later, Effie calls Jason with the verdict: They're going to move forward with ‘The Leisure Class.'

With only two days to finish their script revision, the unlikely writing team of Pete and Jason buckle down to make their deadline. They are happy with their work, but get a rude awakening when Len Amato, president of HBO Films, says that he doesn't see a story building. "It does feel like a short that's being stretched into a feature," says Len, who also says no to shooting on film.

Effie breaks down the financial ramifications of being behind schedule. Jason harps on the film issue, but Effie shuts it down, citing Len. "We all kiss that ring," she says. Marc emphasizes that Jason must focus on the script.

Pete and Jason get notes from Peter Farrelly. Peter admits he was initially frustrated that Jason won, but he got excited after reading the script.

After more rigorous work and frustration, the team sends in the script revision. Len Amato calls and gives his blessing. The project has the green light, however, they've lost a couple of weeks of pre-production. As Effie feels the stress, Jason continues to fight for film. "You're bordering on offensive," she tells him. Jason leaves disappointed.