Accident Waiting To Happen
Project Greenlight (2001) | Season 4 | Episode 7

Accident Waiting To Happen

TV-MA | 30 MIN

The crew begins the last day of shooting at the house. The final day of production will take place at a new location to accommodate the stunt scene. Once again, Alison is challenged to find a location that Jason is happy with. Effie admits she's exhausted by Jason's demands.

Alison shows the group the location options and tells Jason his vision of a secluded road is not possible within their budget and timeframe. Effie sways the group to the best choice. "It's frustrating," Jason admits, "but we'll just have to move forward."

Jason and crew arrive to set-up the stunt -- which now entails a car hitting a parked vehicle, but not flipping over as originally scripted. Stunt coordinator Julius Leflore walks Jason through the scene; the director admits that while it's not what he pictured, he trusts the event will look big enough to serve the story.

Ben Affleck and Len Amato come to watch the late-night shoot, and are both pleased with Jason's command of the project. Ben gives Jason a word of encouragement, while Len congratulates Jason on the positive vibes on set.

The production slows down as the team manages the rig around a car. Jason maintains that the sense of realism they're achieving justifies the tedious setups. As the shoot falls behind schedule, Jason begins to feel the pressure, especially since they have only one take to get the stunt. The crash is filmed and Jason is immediately disappointed by its impact. He rushes to ask to shoot the scene again, but he's told they can't. Jason laments that they'll have to correct the moment's deficiencies in post production. Marc agrees the stunt was not what they wanted, but it was the best they could do.

The last scene is shot, starring actors Tom Bell and Ed Weeks. The whole team is thrilled to have completed filming. Jason admits he could have done better, and is anxious about the editing process. The next day, he meets with editor Craig Hayes to see the first assembly of his footage.