Our BoysOur Boys

Series premiere. The disappearance of three Jewish boys sends shockwaves across Israel, as Simon, a Shabak terrorism agent, braces for escalating danger.

our boys

Simon and Mike disagree on their theories about the case; Hussein and Suha search for their son.

our boys

Simon investigates an earlier abduction attempt for clues about Mohammed’s killers, as misinformation spreads in the media.

our boys

Simon and his team focus on Yosef and his family as Sabbath approaches.

our boys

Simon goes undercover to get the truth about Yosef and his nephews; Hussein and Suha mourn in different ways.

our boys

Simon turns to Dvora for help in getting Avishai to talk; Hussein is approached by prosecutor Uri Korb.

our boys episode 6

Avishai reconstructs Mohammed's abduction and murder for Simon over the course of a night.

our boys episode 7

Avishai and Yinon try to navigate isolation in prison; Simon’s personal and professional lives collide; Hussein and Suha decide whether to appear in court.

Avishai pins his hopes on Simon who takes the stand; Dvora suffers the consequences of defiance.

Avishai prepares for his testimony; Simon’s life is shaken by major changes; Hussein and Suha grow frustrated with Uri Korb. ​