On My Way with Irina Rimes Season 1

On My Way with Irina Rimes: Season 1

7 EPISODES | 10+

Two years of nonstop work has left singer Irina Rimes exhausted and itching for a change. Hoping to reconnect with herself, and with the support of her manager and record label, Irina decides to embark on a two-week road trip, exploring destinations across Romania and beyond to finish her album, Home. Outfitted with a mobile recording studio, Irina and her trusted team find unexpected inspiration in places such as Bucharest, the historic city of Chișinău, and the town of Izcoare, Moldova, where she reconnects with family. Featuring interviews with her closest collaborators and loved ones, the seven-part verité docuseries follows a talented artist determined to rediscover herself as she sets out on a quest to finish – and find – Home.