My Brilliant Friend Charms the Venice Film Festival

The drama earned a standing ovation and accolades from American and Italian critics alike.  

La Stampa

“Breathes through the looks, the thrills, the fears and the challenges of the two young actresses.”

Wired Italia

“A fantastic series. ... One of the best in recent years.”

“A translation of novel to screen that preserves certain of its literary qualities while transmuting others into moving and effective TV.”

“Even better than Del Genio [Elena] and Nasti's [Lila] individual performances — honest, observant and never marred by actorly precociousness — is their work as a pair.”

Series premiere. The disappearance of her old friend causes Elena Greco to look back on the early days of their friendship in Naples.
Elena and Lila fight to continue their education, and a death changes things in the neighborhood forever.
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 2
Now teens, Elena and Lila struggle to connect as their futures diverge and young men demand their attention.
my brilliant friend
Elena enters high school as Lila ignores her many suitors; a promising New Year's Eve takes a dark turn.
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 4
Lila rejects two potential suitors at a cost; Elena prepares to spend the summer away from Lila and her family.
On the island of Ischia, a visit by the Sarratore family leaves an indelible mark on Elena as she reaches her 15th birthday.
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 6
Lila takes up with Stefano, despite the presence of Marcello; Elena encourages a suitor and rebuffs another.
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 7

Season Finale. As Lila approaches a milestone, Stefano goes to the Solaras for help with the Cerullos' shoe business, while Elena prepares to see her name in print for the first time.

My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 8