What to Watch While Traveling for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again… when flight delays have you desperately searching for ways to keep yourself entertained. To help make travel a little more cheerful, check out these shows and specials to keep you (and your travel companions) occupied until you reach your destination.

I leave in 30 mins and want to get caught up, quick.

The Shop: Uninterrupted

For current events related to sports and pop culture, LeBron James and Maverick Carter will bring you up to speed with their ever-changing lineup of guests. Every episode, hosted in a barbershop, features figures from the world of sports, entertainment, politics, and music.

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I have one hour and could use a laugh.

My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres

Let comedian Julio Torres help you rethink ordinary objects. In his first HBO special, the Saturday Night Live writer, who also produces and stars in HBO horror-comedy Los Espookys, takes observational comedy to a new level as he tells stories about his favorite shapes, including an oval that wishes it were a circle and a self-conscious cactus.

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I have 3.5 hours and want to spend it with characters as frustrated as I am.

Mrs. Fletcher

Kathryn Hahn stars as empty-nester Eve Fletcher, who, after dropping off her college-bound son at campus, finds herself in the midst of a sexual reawakening. On a separate coming-of-age path, college freshman Brendan discovers making friends isn’t as easy as it was in high school. Whether you’re on a break from parental responsibility or heading home from college, you’ll feel right at home with these two.

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I have 5 hours and want to see what all the hype is about.


This is the Emmy Award-winning miniseries that had everyone (yes, everyone) discussing the tragic 1986 nuclear disaster. Over the course of five episodes, you’ll follow three characters (inspired by real individuals) as they piece together the truth behind the catastrophic disaster and try to contain the damage. If the show leaves you wanting more, download the official Chernobyl Podcast, hosted by writer and executive producer, Craig Mazin and NPR’s Peter Sagal.

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I am stuck overnight and I need some action.


If you have a long night ahead of you, explore the world of Watchmen, created by Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers, Lost). Set in an alternate historical timeline where the war in Vietnam was won and “superhero” vigilantes are forced to hide their identities as they fight crime. Regina King stars as former detective Angela Abar turned ass-kicking Sister Night, will keep you rapt until your flight (finally) takes off.

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I want to watch a family more dysfunctional than my own.

The Righteous Gemstones

Danny McBride, John Goodman, Adam Devine and Edi Patterson star as a tribe of corrupt televangelists wrangled into a blackmail scheme. Always encountering trouble, these spoiled holy-rollers navigate rival reverends and family drama that will make you thankful you’re not a Gemstone.

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I am gearing up for a fight at the dinner table.


Allow the Roys to prep you for a takedown — or at least a colorful dis. Logan Roy (Brian Cox), serves as the sickly, unhinged CEO of one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies. His true passion, however, is pitting his children against each other to see who has what it takes to inherit control of his empire. Take notes on how to strategize like Shiv, play dirty like Roman, or try Kendall’s wildcard approach.

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