From left: Huay-Bing Law, Maritte Go and Feng-I Fiona Roan
From left: Huay-Bing Law, Maritte Go and Feng-I Fiona Roan



Asian Pacific Heritage Celebrated on Screen


The 2018 APA Visionaries Short Film Competition, sponsored by HBO, celebrates work by creatives of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. This year's finalists, whose films range from 10-15 minutes, explore themes such as racism and marginalization, family loyalty and betrayal, and homesickness.

Here's what you need to know.


Written and directed by: Feng-I Fiona Roan

What it’s about: Embarrassed by her un-American look, Fen betrays her younger sister on their first day at church, fueling an unprecedented outburst since their immigration to Los Angeles.

From the filmmaker: “I had never seen the Chinese-American church on screen before so I thought that was interesting. The story really spread out from the idea of the church.”

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Directed by: Huay-Bing Law

Written by: Katherine Craft and Huay-Bing Law

What it’s about: Texas, 1955. After joining her husband in America, June is struck by culture shock at a college party and faced with the daunting question: where does she fit in here?

From the filmmaker: “For every person of color growing up [here], there comes a moment where you go, “Hey, I’m different.” You really feel othered. What June goes through in this story is the moment she feels how different she is based on the color of her skin.”

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Written and directed by: Maritte Go

What it’s about: While at sea, a Filipino cruise worker gets an urgent call that her son, back home in the Philippines, had to be taken to the hospital. Unable to reach him, panic ensues.

From the filmmaker: “When HBO’s APA Visionaries competition noted the theme for this year as “Home,” I thought this project — about the pain and sacrifice people go through to ensure the success of their children — would be perfect. I wanted to center the story around cruise workers.”

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