Breaker of Chains
Game of Thrones | Season 4 | Episode 3

Breaker of Chains

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
Directed by Alex Graves

Cersei Baratheon holds the deceased King Joffrey in her arms and commands the guards to seize her brother Tyrion. Realizing Sansa has vanished, Tywin Lannister orders the gold cloaks to bar the gates and search for her. Dontos rushes Sansa on to a rowboat and guides them to a ship concealed in fog. Sansa climbs aboard and is greeted by Littlefinger. Lord Baelish thanks Dontos for delivering Sansa safely, and under the guise of making payment, has the fool killed. Sansa is horrified, but Littlefinger explains that killing Dontos was the only way to ensure his silence. Plucking the necklace from Sansa's neck, Lord Baelish tells her Dontos was only following his orders. He smashes the Hollard family heirloom, revealing it to be made of glass.

Olenna Tyrell comforts Margaery, who is still traumatized by the gruesome death of her husband. The Queen of Thorns maintains that Joffrey's death is fortunate; Tommen Baratheon will be a better match for Margaery.

As Sandor "The Hound" Clegane and Arya Stark make their way to the Eyrie, the Hound admits he's given thought to becoming a sellsword in Braavos. A farmer, noticing the trespassers on his property, interrupts their conversation. Arya attributes the Hound's curt demeanor to trauma from the war. She claims "her father" fought for the Tullys. Loyal to Riverrun, the farmer invites the pair to share his dinner. Over the meal, the Hound accepts his host's offer for "fair wages for fair work." However, the next morning, Arya awakes to find that the Hound has assaulted the farmer and stolen his money. Arya is furious they have mistreated their host, but Clegane is firm: "Dead men don't need silver."

Samwell Tarly tells Gilly that he's worried about her; as the only woman at Castle Black, she's not safe among the rapers and criminals that make up the Night's Watch. Sam suggests that Gilly and her baby relocate to Molestown and arranges for their room and board at a squalid brothel. Despite Sam's best intentions, Gilly feels abandoned.

Cersei, Tywin and Tommen pay their respects to Joffrey in the Sept of Baelor. While standing over Joffrey's body, Tywin insults the dead king and counsels Tommen on his future responsibilities. As Cersei seethes in silence, Tywin leads Tommen out. When Jaime enters, Cersei pleads: "Avenge our son. Kill Tyrion." Jaime tries to comfort his sister, taking her into his arms and kissing her, but she recoils at the touch of his golden hand. Incensed, Jaime pulls her down on the floor and forces himself on her.

Tywin Lannister arrives at the brothel and interrupts a moment between Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand and Olyvar, among others. Tywin suspects that the prince conspired with Tyrion to murder Joffrey, but Oberyn rebuffs the accusation and says they spoke only of his sister Elia. In need of Dorne's support in the days ahead, Tywin offers Oberyn a chance to confront the Mountain. The Red Viper can join the Small Council as well, Tywin proposes, in exchange for serving as a judge at Tyrion's trial alongside Tywin and Mace Tyrell.

Podrick Payne visits Tyrion Lannister's jail cell. The squire fills Tyrion in on his upcoming trial, his wife's disappearance and reveals that a conspirator attempted to bribe Pod to incriminate Tyrion. Tyrion commands Pod to leave King's Landing and asks that he send Jaime to visit.

Stannis Baratheon informs Davos Seaworth that King Joffrey is dead, attributing the event to Melisandre's blood magic. Stannis blames the Onion Knight, who set Gendry free against his wishes, for their inability to seize this opportunity. Davos assures his king that he will assemble an army, and proposes using sellswords to increase their numbers. His suggestion does little to pacify Stannis, who cautions him, "You're running out of time." Later during his reading lesson with Princess Shireen, Davos realizes where to seek funding for their cause - the Iron Bank of Braavos.

The wildlings attack a village and butcher its inhabitants. One boy, Olly, is plucked out of hiding by Styr and instructed to inform Castle Black of the attack. Upon receiving the news, an angry group of brothers call for retaliation, but Maester Aemon reminds them their first responsibility is to defend the Wall. The assembly is interrupted by a horn signaling the return of Grenn and Dolorous Edd. The two explain the situation at Craster's Keep, and Jon Snow argues that the Watch must destroy the mutineers. It's a matter of security, Snow reasons, because the rebels could expose the truth about their dwindling numbers to Mance Rayder.

Daenerys Targaryen and her army arrive at Meereen. A champion emerges on horseback from the city walls, eager for a fight. Turning down offers from Grey Worm, Barristan Selmy and Jorah Mormont, Dany allows Daario Naharis to serve as her representative in combat. The entire city looks on while the sellsword easily disposes of the Meereenese fighter. Dany then addresses the rapt audience, appealing directly to the city's slaves: "I am not your enemy. Your enemy is beside you." The Unsullied roll out a series of catapults loaded with barrels. At Dany's command, the barrels are fired over the city walls and smash open, revealing thousands of slave collars.