Return to Queens Blvd
Entourage | Season 5 | Episode 12

Return to Queens Blvd

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Doug Ellin & Ally Musika

After another late night drowning their sorrows, the guys gather in Vince's mom's kitchen in Queens as she demands to know why her son can't play the lead in Gus Van Sant's latest feature: Page Six says that Joaquin Phoenix dropped out. But when E calls Ari, he informs him Gus isn't a fan; the director even refuses to have Vince audition. Undeterred, Eric goes to Gus's office to try and get Vince a shot. Meanwhile, Vince's mom surprises him with a welcome home party and he and the guys catch up with friends and family. Drama continues to give Turtle a hard time about the mysterious calls he's getting, but Turtle refuses to say anything until Drama grabs the phone away and Jamie-Lynn comes clean. After waiting all day, E finally catches Gus and convinces him to watch Vince's footage from 'Smokejumpers.' Ari balks, but manages to get the footage to Gus, who calls E and Vince, impressed, but not enough to cast him. At the end of his rope, Vince fires E, blaming him for his career failures. Furious, Eric heads back to LA. When Vince gets a surprise offer from Martin Scorsese to star in his next film, Ari points out that it's actually due to E - since it was Gus who slipped Marty the 'Smokejumpers' takes. Back in Hollywood, E won't take Vince's calls so he returns to mend their friendship in person; with a group hug in Eric's office, the boys are back in business.