Car Periscope
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 8 | Episode 8

Car Periscope

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Directed by David Mandel

Written by Larry David, Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer

Waiting for a cab on a New York City corner, Larry gets upstreamed, as a woman walks up the block and takes the cab in front of him.

Jeff takes Larry to meet Ira, an inventor. Ira shows them his latest invention, a car periscope. They like the idea, though they're hesitant to invest money with a total stranger. But when they meet Ira's homely wife, Gabby, they're convinced he must be a man of character. They agree to test drive a prototype and love the invention.

Larry, Jeff and Susie go to a party thrown by their friend Henry, and run into Wanda and Larry tells her about the trainer he's been working out with. Feeling he should for once act on his benevolent impulses, Larry visits Henry's father, the former television judge Carter Horn. Larry fills in for a one-armed man playing Scrabble with the old judge and realizes the judge is suffering from dementia and prone to racist outbreaks. Henry comes in and thinks that Larry has run up the score against his father and demands he leave. Larry maintains that a one-armed man did it.

In the park, Larry once again plays Scrabble with the old man and sees Wanda running with his trainer during what used to be his time. He confronts them, and Larry and Wanda set about resolving the situation. Larry suggests Judge Horn be the arbiter, knowing his racist tendencies.

Larry leaves his business manager after meeting his too-attractive wife. He moves his business elsewhere, to a man who is much better looking than his wife of 20 years.

Larry and Jeff agree to invest with Ira. At a movie with Ira and Gabby, Larry accidentally reveals that he considers Ira to be a man of character because of his ugly wife. Gabby goes after him, and Larry winds up with his arm in a sling.

The next day, Larry sees the one-armed man who'd ditched him with the judge. They upstream each other up the block, looking for a taxi. The one-armed man runs into and knocks over the judge and hops into a cab. Henry sees his father on the floor and asks who did this to him. He says it was a one-armed man - as Henry eyes Larry with his arm in a sling.