Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 7 | Episode 10


TV-MA | 42 MIN

Directed by Jeff Schaffer and Andy Ackerman

Written by Larry David

Larry is hopeful that his plan is working when Cheryl invites him over to review the 'Seinfeld' reunion script. But when an attempt to right a wronged Mocha Joe causes Larry to miss the date, Cheryl ends up turning to Jason for coaching. A jealous Larry rewrites the end of the 'Seinfeld' reunion show and Jason quits in protest. Larry insists he can play George, but the cast hates his interpretation. Larry quits, Jason rejoins, and Larry watches the reunion show alone at home. He is stunned to discover that the role of Amanda is now being played by Virginia (whose neck is better). Just then the doorbell rings: It's Cheryl, explaining she quit too, because it wasn't the same without Larry. They watch the show together, agreeing that George and Amanda belong together -- as do they.