Funkhouser's Crazy Sister
Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 7 | Episode 1

Funkhouser's Crazy Sister

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Directed by Larry Charles

Written by Larry David

While an ailing Loretta awaits biopsy results, Larry, unhappy in the relationship, realizes if he wants to end things with her, he needs to do it before she gets her diagnosis. Meanwhile, Funkhouser's sister Bam Bam has been released from the mental institution, and when Larry and Jeff pay a visit, their attempted "empty gesture" gets complicated when Jeff ends up sleeping with her. The Greenes host a dinner party that goes awry when Bam Bam announces to the guests that she had sex with Jeff - and Jeff defends himself by insisting she's crazy. Larry runs into Cheryl and they admit they miss each other, but his visit is cut short when he has to race home to try and pre-empt the doctor who has Loretta's results. He is delayed and arrives too late - it looks like Larry's in for the long haul.