Frank Harlow in cap outdoorsFrank Harlow in cap outdoors

Frank Harlow

Played by Bruce Dern

Frank Harlow is Bill's father, a lifelong resident of the Juniper Creek compound. He married Bill's mother, Lois Henrickson, over 40 years ago -- taking her as the second of his five wives. The two share an extremely strained yet addictive relationship. At times it's pure hate-hate. At other times they share a perverse flirtation. Frank and Lois have had three children together: Bill, his younger brother Joey, and a daughter Maggie whose death some years ago was always shrouded in mystery.

Frank was born to early members of the Juniper Creek compound. Always the type to try and "work" people to his advantage, Frank is often extremely clumsy in his efforts, and his motives are usually transparent to everyone -- including longtime compound leader Roman Grant. Frank is also not the most nurturing of fathers, still coming down hard on ne'er-do-well son Joey, and is the man responsible for banishing his son Bill from Juniper Creek when he was 14.