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What Is Axios?

Founders Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen explain what sets the outlet apart as a news platform.

Axios is ...

"... our obsession with helping people get smarter faster on all the big topics that we think will shape the next five to ten years." ? Jim VandeHei


"... an efficient and trustworthy place to understand the topics that are going to change the world that's coming in business, tech, media and politics." ? Mike Allen


"... a new media company that helps you get smarter faster." ? Jim VandeHei


"... a place where you can understand what's coming and why." ? Mike Allen

President Trump on Divisive Rhetoric

In an exclusive interview with Axios, President Trump says his supporters like him more when he cranks up the ?enemy of the people? rhetoric against the media.

President Trump on Climate Change

Axios journalists Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Swan press President Trump to share his views on climate change.

Women Campaigning for Office: Then vs. Now

Axios explores the change in how women have campaigned and why they're embracing their raw determination.



Delivering the News, Smarter, Faster

The documentary news series looks at the week ahead in politics, business, technology, media, and science ? exploring the big topics shaping our world ? in a smart, fast format that mirrors the company's "Smart Brevity" promise.

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