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Season Two Premiere. A love triangle reveals the truth to brainwashed rats stuck in an animal testing lab; two fleas ponder life.
A teen pigeon goes on a wacky spirit quest to learn about courage and responsibility.
A group of roaches bands together when an exterminator threatens their lives; conjoined seagulls struggle to live as one.
Animals Season 2 Episode 13
Squirrel brothers face their own anxieties while preparing for their mom's remarriage.
The evil conglomerate Pesci Co. prepares for a mysterious drug launch.
Two rats plot to exploit a human baby for profit; bees fight over the love of a tulip.
Rival alley cats fight for power on the streets of Little Italy; three owls share a drama-filled Christmas.
New York's alley cats prepare for a final showdown for control of the streets.
The food chain is explored through three interconnected stories involving worms, bluebird chicks and two generations of opossums.
Season Two Finale. An old dog reflects on life; rats Phil and Mike face an unknown future as high school ends.

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