a black lady sketch showa black lady sketch show

Ep 2 - Your Boss Knows You Don’t Have Eyebrows


· The Basic Ball (Guest Stars: Caldwell Tidicue, Dexter Mayfield, Chris Dupre, Shaun Earl, Ki’Leigh Williams and Stephanie Whitmore)

· No Makeup (Guest Stars: Troy Winbrush, Karole Foreman, Elanor Frances Caller and Angela Shelton)

· Invisible Spy: Part 2 (Guest Stars: Aja Naomi King, Teresa Topnotch, Elia Cantu, Nicole Byer, Blue Kimble and Jamaal Lewis

· Chris and Lachel Part 1: Alter Falter (Guest Stars: Elle Lorraine and Loretta Devine)

· Killin' It (Guest Star: Lena Waithe)

A Black Lady Sketch Show
No Makeup

Perpetually late-to-work Shayla decides to refrain from her extensive morning makeup routine, to her coworker Toni’s dismay.

Meet Trinity the Invisible Spy

Ashley speaks to Robin about the inspiration behind Trinity and what she means to her.