Ep. 226

The Gypsy King

Correspondent David Scott goes one-on-one with the new heavyweight champion of the boxing world. While his name may sound like something concocted by a Hollywood screenwriter, Fury's story rivals any boxing film ever produced.

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Questionable Care Bonus Clip

Derek Sheely and the NCAA

In 2011, Derek Sheely, the captain of the Frostburg State football team, died shortly after collapsing during pre-season football practice. His father, Ken Sheely, filed suit against the NCAA seeking changes to their policies on concussions and injury management. In this excerpt from a 2015 interview with Real Sports correspondent Jon Frankel, Sheely and his attorney, Ken McClain, explain some of the reasons they filed the lawsuit.

Ep. 226 Trailer

Ep. 226 Trailer: Gypsy King

Correspondent David Scott goes one-on-one with newly crowned heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Ep. 226 Trailer

Ep. 226 Trailer: Marijuana in the NFL

Correspondent Andrea Kremer investigates the prevalence of marijuana around the NFL.

Chris Rock on Baseball

Comedian Chris Rock provides personal insight on baseball's state of affairs.

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