Ep. 224

November on Real Sports

Correspondent David Scott explores the controversy behind elephant poaching and ivory trade in Africa.

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Ep. 224 Full Segment

Magic Mike

REAL SPORTS correspondent Andrea Kremer joins the 69-year-old Doc Emrick on opening night of the 2015-16 NHL season, visits his home in Michigan and gets the premier voice of the league to weigh in on some of hockey's most pressing issues.

Ep. 223 Bonus Clip

Fields of Vision

Soledad O'Brien pays a visit to a sports camp for visually impaired children.

Chris Rock on Baseball

Comedian Chris Rock provides personal insight on baseball's state of affairs.

Ep. 222 Full Segment


Real Sports takes a closer look at one of the most dangerous sports on the planet; wingsuiting.

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Ep. 220 Full Segment


Real Sports investigates the subject of domestic violence in MMA.

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