Why Love Poured Out in We Are Who We Are’s Finale

By Chris Harnick

Luca Guadagnino discusses the final moments between Caitlin and Fraser.

They spent a formative night of their young lives apart, only to reunite — and share a kiss.

The We Are Who We Are Season 1 finale featured Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamón) experiencing a series of realizations about themselves while they had separate experiences at a Blood Orange concert. The season wrapped with Fraser frantically searching for Caitlin, and after finding her, taking her around the city — sealing their adventure with a kiss.

“If you see the show, if you follow the show, you see how much these characters care for one another. And you see how much, during the eighth episode, [that] Caitlin is trying to find Fraser, but they got separated,” series creator, writer and director Luca Guadagnino shared.

Earlier in the episode, Fraser was bonding — and kissing — a new friend he met on the way to the concert. But while separated from Caitlin at the concert venue, Fraser was mindful of her absence.

“When they start to connect by message…he’s asking her, ‘Wait for me, wait for me,’ and she feels betrayed by him. But also, the same time, there’s something brooding within each of them, [that] will need to come out, which is love,” Guadagnino explained. “When he decides to go away, he knows that that place is a great place, he knows that his new friend is a great guy, [but] he knows that the person he wants to be there with is not this guy, but is his friend, Caitlin — and may be more than a friend.”

After reconnecting and exploring the city, the two kissed.

“Boy kiss girl, girl kiss boy, they start to run, they stop, she kisses him again, and then they run, and the camera pans to the sky with a great song by Prince. It’s a completely mutual moment of love,” Guadagnino said.

With the season now available to watch in full, Guadagnino said he hopes viewers dive back in again.

“I think the audience, afterwards, should probably watch it again from start, and maybe immerse themselves in the details, like the graphic design, other characters…I hope this is going to be a show that people will come back to it and see it more and more instead of watching it once and that’s it,” he said.

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