Episode 10
The Young Pope | Season 1 | Episode 10

Episode 10

TV-MA | 1 HR 2 MIN

Written by Paolo Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello
Directed by Paolo Sorrentino

"The child pope has become a man." - Lenny Belardo

Lenny and Gutierrez review the Kurtwell case. Gutierrez verifies Kurtwell had an affair with Tanistone's mother, but there is no other evidence confirming David Tanistone is Kurtwell's son. Lenny tells Gutierrez it's time for Sister Mary to move on as she has fulfilled her duty, and he would like Gutierrez to fill her role as his secretary. Gutierrez declines -- he is gay and it would be "hypocritical." Lenny reveals he knows about Gutierrez's homosexuality and that he was abused as a child; he was sent to Queens because of these factors.

At a crossroad, Lenny imagines himself sitting across the table from popes past, and asks for advice.

Walking through the Vatican Gardens together, Marivaux tells Lenny they will one day deal with Lenny's case for canonization. He cites Lenny's miracles including restoring his friend's mother, Esther's miraculous conception and the divine punishment of Sister Antonia.

Local school children arrive for a tour of the Vatican museums and Lenny terrifies them with his attempt at humor: It is raining because they have made God cry. Sofia hustles the children to lunch, but Lenny finds a young boy sitting on his own in one of the galleries. They two agree they won't settle.

Lenny receives Cardinal Ozolins, who tells him of his miserable experience in Alaska. The weakened cardinal weeps before Lenny, and Lenny uncharacteristically comforts the crying man.

Kurtwell sobs, recounting how he was himself molested as a child, and admits to behaving as badly. Lenny says he will have mercy on him and send him back to the United States if the archbishop can prove that's his desire. He asks Kurtwell to plant his finger on New York on the globe, but the man's shaking hands land on Ketchikan, Alaska, the remote location that broke Ozolins.

"Can I start calling you ‘Lenny' again?" - Sister Mary

"Only if I can call you ‘Ma.'" - Lenny Belardo

Sister Mary tells Lenny she heard she will be moving on. Aware she was an orphan, and that orphans want to stay with children forever, Lenny tells her she will take Sister Antonia's place in Africa.

Sister Mary says goodbye to Voiello and boards the helicopter. Once she is gone, Lenny clutches his heart. Gutierrez catches the stumbling pope, who reveals he does not believe in God: "Those who believe in God don't believe in anything."

Voiello admits to Girolamo he was in love with Sister Mary, but stops short of telling him what happened to Tonino Pettola. Voiello suggests to Lenny his parents have not reached out because his beliefs are ideologically different than theirs.

In Venice, Lenny addresses an excited crowd in St. Mark's Square, speaking about the Blessed Juana. He poses a number of profound questions and implores the crowd to smile. After seeing an older couple that look like his parents, the pope clutches his chest and buckles over. He assures the crowd he is fine, but collapses inside, into the arms of his cardinals.