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The Time Traveler's Wife

1 Season | 6 Episodes | TV-MA
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Adapted by Steven Moffat from the beloved novel of the same name, The Time Traveler’s Wife follows the spellbinding and intricately out-of-order love story between Clare (Rose Leslie of HBO’s Game of Thrones), and Henry (Theo James of Divergent), and a marriage with a problem: time travel.

At 6 years old, Clare meets Henry, the future love of her life – and who, as a time traveler, is actually visiting from the future. Fourteen years later, when a beautiful redhead wanders into the library where Henry works claiming not only to have known him all her life but to be his future wife, a magical romance ensues that is as sprawling and complicated as Henry's attempts to explain his "condition."

Over six hour-long episodes, the genre-bending drama series expertly weaves themes of love, loss, marriage, and survival – in a story that defies the laws and logic of time. See the full cast and characters here

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