The Shop: Season 4, Episode 1

LeBron James and Maverick Carter are joined by Jay-Z, Bad Bunny, WNBA superstar Nneka Ogwumike and marketing executive Paul Rivera to discuss self-confidence and life on the big stage.

Shop Talk

100 Percent

LeBron James explains his recent comments about not being able to physically return to "100 percent" following injuries and the wear and tear of a lengthy NBA career.

Grace & Choices

The group discusses how they go about making choices.

No Go Orlando

LeBron James jokes about how after finishing last season in the NBA bubble in Orlando, he has no desire to visit the city, including Disney World.


Bonus clips from The Shop

The Shop
The Process

LeBron James and Nneka Ogwumike discuss the process of becoming a great player.

The Inspiriation

Jay-Z explains how a large pool of inspiration can create something incredible.

The Shop: Uninterrupted
Fathers and Sons

LeBron James talks about playing against multiple generations of NBA players during his time in the league.

In the Movies

Lebron and Maverick discuss the scheduling adjustments that happen when shooting a movie.