The Shop: Season 2, Episode 5

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reflect on their experience filming Bad Boys and what it's like reprising their roles over 20 years later. CC Sabathia opens up about retirement and Chance the Rapper shares why he didn't sign a record deal.

Shop Talk

Lessons Learned

Will Smith reflects on the valuable parenting lesson Willow taught him during her “Whip My Hair Tour.”

Feeling the Heat

LeBron talks about the pressure he felt as a teen to not let his community down.

From Having Money to Having Nothing

Will Smith discusses being broke and famous prior to securing the lead role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Bonus clips from The Shop

Who’s Reggie?

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence talk about ad-libbing the hilarious first date scene from Bad Boys II.

Take Control of Your Narrative

Will Smith initially avoided social media until he realized it was a powerful tool to take back control of his story.

Astros Streaming Signs

CC Sabathia explains how the Astros used a camera to steal signs in real-time.

He Took on a Lot

Chance the Rapper reflects Colin Kaepernick's integrity and how much the activist gave up in order to send a powerful message.


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