The Shop: Season 2, Episode 1

Anthony Davis and LeBron trade stories about life in the league. Meek Mill breaks down the criminal justice system, and 2 Chainz explains how he got his name. Jamie Foxx, Antonio Brown and Jerrod Carmichael join the crew.

Shop Talk

I’m My Own CEO

Anthony Davis tells LeBron why he’s taking control over his narrative.

Let Comedians Live

Jamie Foxx explains why comedians shouldn't have to be political. Especially him.

Colin Kaepernick Counted the Cost

LeBron praises Kaepernick's career sacrifice and hopes the football star gets rewarded in the long run.

Control Your Narrative

Antonio Brown explains how his last season in Pittsburgh ended.


Bonus clips from The Shop

Old Man Strength

LeBron thought he was strong until he played one-on-one against his old coaches.

Know Your Value

NFL star Antonio Brown explains one huge difference between players in the NBA and his league.

Personal Space

Meek Mill shares why it’s hard for a star rapper to balance privacy with their security detail.


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