The Shop: Season 1, Episode 3

LeBron James and Maverick Carter discuss the importance of women’s empowerment and visibility with Mary J. Blige and Lena Waithe, Ice Cube roasts Todd Gurley for his post-game routine, and Chris Bosh gets real about life outside of the NBA.


Lena Waithe describes “coming out” to Angela Bassett, Ice Cube recaps his tour with Shaq, and Jimmy Kimmel lists the jobs he was fired from.

Searching for Batman

Jimmy Kimmel describes the first (and last) time Ice Cube confused Kristen Bell with Christian Bale.

The Man Show

Kimmel breaks down how he came up with the idea for his breakthrough talk show.

MC Shaq

The best (and biggest) baller-turned-rapper.

Bronny vs. Jimmy

Even at the age of four, LeBron James’ son gave Kimmel all he could handle on the Nerf courts.

Todd Gurley on Succeeding in the NFL

Gurley and LeBron know that in football, the best ability is availability.

Nas Fights for Black Culture

Nas and LeBron discuss the importance of celebrating African American culture, as well as its talented creators.

Empowering Women Through Art

Mary J. Blige shares why she wants to liberate fans through her music.

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