Missing Game of Thrones? Check Out The Nevers

By Marissa Blanchard

After ten years with Game of Thrones, your next fantasy epic is here.

Game of Thrones first captivated viewers ten years ago with its talented cast, enchanting settings, intense battle sequences, and (of course) its magnificent dragons. But as Thrones-enthusiasts look back, viewers can also look forward to new fantasy series The Nevers. With the first six episodes of Season 1 kicking off on April 11th, here’s just a few reasons why Thrones fans will love this new show.

An Ensemble Cast of Captivating Characters

Similar to Game of Thrones, The Nevers follows several heroes (including the impulsive Amalia True and brilliant Penance Adair), but the array of interesting characters, and the blurry lines between “good” and “evil” are what make the show special. In The Nevers, a supernatural event leaves some individuals with unique powers, which they call turns. These people are known as “the Touched,” and everyone has a power specific to them — no two turns are alike. 

Casting director Nina Gold, who also worked on GoT, has assembled a group of actors who each bring something unique to the table. The Nevers ensemble cast features some familiar faces, such as Olivia Williams, Nick Frost, and Denis O’Hare, but you may also find a favorite amongst the newer names. 

Complex Heroines

It’s impossible to think of GoT without thinking about the powerful women who make the series so memorable. If the clever, sword-wielding Arya Stark is your favorite, get ready to meet Amalia True, played by Laura Donnelly. Strong and insightful, Amalia is the leader and fierce protector of the Touched who doesn’t let an evening gown (complete with corset) stop her from fighting off her enemies. Just like Thrones offers up many heroines to love (Dany, Brienne, Sansa, to name a few), Amalia’s crew is filled with women to root for.

Worldbuilding That Transports You

It takes a village to create shows with the scope and spectacle of Game of Thrones and The Nevers, but this creative team is more than up for the challenge. Costume designer Michele Clapton (who won six Emmys for her work on GoT) not only created stunning designs true to the Victorian era, but also gives hints and information about each character through her designs. Look no further for your next cosplay inspiration — and get your parasol ready.

Alongside Clapton, Game of Thrones and Big Love executive producer Bernadette Caulfield (winner of four Emmys) lent her creative brainpower to setting up the world of The Nevers, and Emmy-winning production designer Gemma Jackson, whose vision influenced countless sets from Essos to Westeros, brings her distinctive style and elevated The Nevers from a typical period piece to a visual feast. Just wait until you see Penance’s workshop full of her dazzling, quirky inventions.

Non-stop Action Sequences That Will Leave You Stunned

Amalia’s quick fists and Penance’s revolutionary inventions make them a powerful duo against their many foes. Stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam (who won four Emmys for his work on Game of Thrones) masterfully choreographed thrilling fights and suspenseful action sequences in The Nevers. Penance, who’s Turn allows her to sense energy, specifically creates gadgets that aid Amalia in her efforts to protect the Touched, like Penance’s automobile prototype — which Irlam brilliantly incorporated into an epic chase scene.

A Touch of Supernatural

If Bran Stark’s visions had you wondering “what’s next?” get ready for Amalia’s turn, referred to as ripplings, which give her vague glimpses into the future. Although both series are grounded in the humanity of the characters, details like these are what add to their sense of adventure and fantasy and keep you guessing. And while The Nevers may not feature dragons, there may be other reasons to look skyward, along with other big surprises to discover.

Experience it all. Stream Game of Thrones on HBO Max now, and tune in for new episodes of The Nevers Sundays at 9 p.m.

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