Show and Prove

Written by Richard Price & George Pelecanos
Directed by Ernest Dickerson

With his marriage failing, Vincent moves into a seedy Times Square hotel and, fueled by his success drawing customers to a struggling Korean bar, contemplates a tempting offer from mob capo Rudy Pipilo. Meanwhile, Vincent and Frankie's brother-in-law Bobby, a Brooklyn construction foreman, eyes Vincent's new connections as a way to better his own lot.

Reluctantly agreeing to pinch-hit for a friend in a pornographic short, Candy ends up being intrigued by the filmmaking process. C.C. shows Lori the advantages of having a pimp, while Larry is unsettled by Darlene's interest in literature — and by Sandra Washington, a reporter.

Police officers Chris Alston and Danny Flanagan are joined by detectives Grossman and Haddix for a routine hooker round-up, as well as a raid of an adult porn shop whose peep shows cross the line.

Emily Meade Knows Lori Isn’t 'the Hooker With a Heart of Gold'

The actor discusses her character’s cunning nature, and the joy of working with female directors.

Gary Carr’s C.C. Is One Complicated Pimp

The actor gets into what makes C.C. tick and what he was thinking during that fake cop scene.


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