the cost of winning sports doc series ka key artthe cost of winning sports doc series ka key art

The Cost of Winning

Season 1

Episode 1

With limited facilities and funding – and just one week remaining before their season opener and the start of a grueling national schedule – Baltimore’s St. Frances Academy Panthers turn to their local streets and parks to train.  

Season 1

Episode 2

The second-seeded Panthers take on Mater Dei, the nation's top seed, in the most important matchup of the season and a possible place in the national championship.


Season 1

Episode 3

The combination of a win and homecoming provides St. Francis Academy with a much-needed morale boost before it takes the field for one of the most exciting matchups in Baltimore high school football history.

Season 1

Episode 4

Ahead of National Signing Day, St. Frances Academy coaches meet with the seniors – both committed and uncommitted – to solidify their college plans.