Succession | Season 1 | Episode 9


TV-MA | 59 MIN

Written by Jesse Armstrong

Directed by Mark Mylod

The Roy family and friends -- including Caroline, the mother of Shiv, Kendall and Roman -- arrive at Eastnor Castle for Tom and Shiv's wedding. Still angered and hurt by Logan's behavior, Shiv tries to dig up dirt on Waystar to help Gil's campaign and retaliate against her father. She recalls that Tom knows some company secrets and attempts to coax information from him, but he's hesitant to share.

Meanwhile, Tom grows suspicious about Shiv's relationship with Nate and confronts her. She denies having an affair, then regains his trust and convinces him to open up about the cruise ship debacle. She then leverages this information against Gerri, threatening to go public with it against Waystar if ATN continues to personally attack Gil during the campaign.

Despite his intention to skip Shiv's wedding, Logan decides that attending is the only way to avoid further damage to his reputation. He meets Gil and, surprised by how much they have in common, agrees to a truce.

Sandy and Stewy inform Kendall that they have to accelerate the takeover of Waystar and Logan's deposal to the next day, which happens to be Tom and Shiv's wedding. Kendall is concerned about the timing, but decides to move forward to seal the deal.

Roman is eager to prove his worth at Waystar and asks Shiv if he can show off the project that Logan assigned him: a highly anticipated satellite launch. He brings a new girlfriend, Tabitha,as a date to the wedding -- the same woman who performed oral sex on Tom at his bachelor party. Caroline approves of his date and jokingly tells Roman he should marry her. He entertains the idea seriously and proposes.

Greg catches Shiv flirting with Nate and decides to tell Tom his suspicions on the morning of his wedding, but Tom refuses to believe him.