Sex And The CitySex And The City

S5 Ep 4: Cover Girl

Directed by John Coles
Written by Michael Patrick King and Judy Toll

"I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breathe and kneel." - Samantha

Carrie is appalled to see a mocked-up photo of herself all but naked on the proposed cover of her "Sex and the City" book. While browsing for book cover ideas at Barnes & Noble, Samantha offers to help Carrie create a look that says 'smart and sexy.' Charlotte heads for the Self Help aisle but when she sees the lonely desperate looking characters there, she flees. She refuses to identify with such women and opts to buy a book in the privacy of her own home - online.

Meanwhile in the privacy of Samantha's office, a hunky Worldwide Express guy delivers a 'package' that Samantha can't resist opening immediately. While Samantha provides a service of her own to the delivery guy, Carrie walks in and right back out. Back in her apartment, Carrie thinks about 'judgment.' She asks: "Should you judge a book by its cover?"

On a quest to slim down, Miranda, aka "Baby Fat," makes friends with a fellow Weight Watcher, Tom, aka "Big Boned." Post weigh-in session, they indulge in a taboo glazed donut together and then work off the calories in bed. Miranda enjoys Tom's moves until he kisses her with 'her' all over his face. On their second date, she gently alerts him to the problem but he can't handle the criticism and leaves saying he has to concentrate on his diet.

Things get tense between Carrie and Samantha as they disagree on the right look for the book cover. Carrie finds Samantha's selections a little too risque. Samantha accuses Carrie of judging her sexual behavior. A couple days later, Carrie apologizes for being judgmental. Sam relaxes and admits she judges herself too. With Samantha's help, Carrie wears a sexy short suit and holds her laptop for the cover shoot. She looks fabulous.