Sex And The CitySex And The City

S4 Ep 9: Sex and the Country

Directed by Michael Spiller
Written by Allan Heinberg

"You can't be friends with a squirrel! A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit." - Carrie

Miranda finds out from Aidan that Steve has testicular Cancer. She has lunch with Steve and screams at him for being so nonchalant about his cancer, causing him to break down and cry. Carrie prepares for a trip to Aidan's country cabin in Suffern, NY with a true city girl's trepidation. She tells the girls she's going because Aidan loves the country. Charlotte understands, adding that she's going to Bunny's Connecticut house to please Trey.

When Carrie gets to Aidan's extra rustic cabin, she immediately laments not being in the city. She realizes that relationships are inevitably a series of compromises and asks: When does the art of compromise become compromising? Unable to stand it anymore, Carrie returns to New York and goes out for a steak with Big. Big tells her he's dating a movie star and that he might be in love. Carrie decides to go back to Aidan's and recruits Samantha to provide some entertainment. Samantha has a hard time in the great outdoors until she spots a hunky farmer. She approaches "Young McDonald" to borrow some milk and gets a lesson in how to milk a cow and then some. Carrie tries to embrace the country and gets to work on baking Aidan a pie. But when a squirrel scares her, she drops the piecrust and admits to Aidan that she hates the house.

Over in Connecticut, Charlotte is busily monitoring her fertility. Looking for Trey, she walks in on him taking a bath with his mother sitting nearby. She's disturbed but when her ovulation beeper goes off, she and Trey get to work in Bunny's prized orchid greenhouse.

Back in the city, Miranda invites Steve over for take-out Chinese but her pitying behavior pisses off Steve. Still, he thanks her for being a bitch the other day because it motivated him to see a good doctor and schedule surgery. Miranda is by Steve's side when he awakes after his operation.

Carrie goes home after compromising with Aidan. He'll install A/C and she'll brave the bugs and dirt every now and then.