Sex And The CitySex And The City

S4 Ep 16: Ring a Ding Ding

Directed by Alan Taylor
Written by Amy B. Harris

"I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes." - Carrie

Unable to say goodbye, Carrie turns away as Aidan moves out of her apartment and her life. She finds what she assumes is a "goodbye letter"; in fact, it's a legal document giving her 30 days to either buy back her apartment or vacate it. At the bank, she's told that she's not a "desirable candidate" for a loan. After another failed relationship, she wonders: What's it all worth?

On a shoe-shopping excursion with Miranda, Carrie realizes she's spent $40,000 on shoes. In dire straits, she pays Big an official visit and asks for some financial advice. He gives her a check for the down payment. Miranda and Samantha also offer to loan her some money, but Carrie says she can't accept their offer. She rips up the check from Big. Charlotte announces that she got a job as a volunteer docent at the Museum of Modern Art.

Later, Carrie storms over to Charlotte's apartment and asks her why she didn't offer her the money. Charlotte says it's not her job to fix Carrie's finances. Carrie is outraged at Charlotte's lack of support, especially since Charlotte doesn't even have to work. She also remarks that Charlotte isn't exactly the picture of independence as she's still wearing her engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Samantha is being showered with expensive gifts from Richard, but she's under-whelmed by the cards which are signed "Best, Richard." She finds out that it's Richard's gay assistant Roger who's been buying the presents - and writing the cards. She gets Roger to sign the next gift card, "Love, Richard." When she reads the card aloud to Richard, he looks stunned and then declares, "I love you, Samantha." To which Sam replies, "And I love this," pointing to her gift.

Steve and Miranda are working out a visitation schedule for the baby. Miranda tells Steve that she's incredibly horny and feels like no one would want to have sex with her pregnant self. Steve says he would and they get to work.

Carrie and Charlotte apologize to each other. Charlotte admits that she is having trouble giving up being "Mrs. Trey McDougal." So, to free herself of her past and give Carrie a future (and home), she offers Carrie her ring as a loan. Carrie accepts.