Sex And The CitySex And The City

S4 Ep 13: The Good Fight

Directed by Charles McDougall
Written by Michael Patrick King

"That's the thing about needs. Sometimes when you get them met, you don't need them anymore." - Carrie

As Aidan and all his stuff officially move into Carrie's apartment, Carrie starts feeling increasingly claustrophobic. Carrie complains to the girls that without any private space, she can't indulge in SSB or "secret single behavior." Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte tease Samantha about her affection for her client and lover Richard. Samantha insists that her emotions are intact and that Richard is simply "Dick-alicious." Miranda, meanwhile, would love to get laid by her blind date, Walker Lewis, but is conflicted about having sex while pregnant. She wonders if it's her last chance for sex.

Carrie panics when she finds out that she and Aidan won't be able to take over the apartment next door for another month. When Aidan proposes cleaning out her closet, she panics even more. As she watches Aidan move her precious Manolos and designer garb and when Pete starts gnawing on one of her stilettos, a heated argument ensues. After much yelling, Carrie storms out with her laptop and wonders: When it comes to relationships, what are we fighting for? Things aren't much better in the shaky marital abode of Charlotte and Trey. When Trey brings Charlotte a surprise present - a cardboard baby, Charlotte is appalled and also storms out. Carrie and Aidan's silent war lasts three days without any apologies.

Meanwhile, Samantha meets Richard and is taken aback by the romantic scene he's set up. She reminds him that they're about work and sex and nothing more. After some skinny dipping and hot sex, Richard asks Samantha to dance. She tries to make it sexual, but Richard resists and Samantha gives in.

Carrie finally apologizes to Aidan and confesses that she needs him to not talk to her for one whole hour. He agrees but after a minute she returns to him, realizing that sometimes when you get your needs met, you don't need them anymore. Miranda decides she definitely needs sex and indulges her pregnant sexual cravings with Walker.